The Worst Car Fads That Need to Go

According to a 2013 Harvard Health Watch study, the average American, starting at the age of 17, and ending around the age of 79, will spend about 38,000 hours driving during their lifetime. Unfortunately for many of us, this is 38,000 hours of learning and experiencing all the awful and worst car fads that exist in the world. These terrible car fads ruin our daily drives and absolutely destroy our focus and peace-of-mind. Whether these toxic masculinity-driven drivers know it or not, 99.999% of American drivers see them as attention-seeking monstrosities. Still, they’ve done so much automotive damage to our psyches that we felt compelled to call them out and bring attention to the masses. From bro trucks to hideous and obnoxious Lambo doors and complete car wraps to angry Jeep grills, we wanted to inform the public of these worst car fad crimes.